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Dip Molding

Dip molding is a plastic manufacturing process whereby heated metal molds or tools are dipped into a tank of liquid plastisol (pvc).

  • The heat from the mold cross-links the liquid to provide a hard mold around the tool. The molds are then cooled and the harden plastisol is removed from the tools.
  • Using controlled temperatures, dip speeds, dip times and withdrawal speeds almost any configuration and wall thickness is achievable.

Applications for Molding Include:

Protective Enclosures and Caps - Plastisol’s soft coating provides excellent protection for enclosure system requirements. Custom designed pull tabs can be manufactured with ergonomics and functionality in mind.

Grips and Sleeves - Custom designed and colored to provide your product an attractive
look and maximum comfort

Covers - For electrical components, automotive parts, toys, tools and more!

Paint Masking - Plastisol is also available to solve paint masking requirements with materials available to withstand high temperatures. Dip molding caps provide an economical solution for a variety of masking applications. The elasticity of the product allows for it to be stretched over slightly larger dimensions for a snug fit.

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